Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lights.. Camera.. ACTION!

British Bankers' Association warns of Cantona-inspired crisis

A plan hatched by ex-footballer Eric Cantona for a mass run on the banks could cause a financial "crisis", the British Bankers' Association has admitted.

The UK trade body warned that the direct action revolution promoted by the French former Manchester United striker risked a new Northern Rock "if enough people" withdraw their savings.

"I don't understand what benefit there would be in trying to crash the banking system," a BBA spokeswoman said.

"You would very quickly get into a Northern Rock situation if everybody wanted their money at once. It wouldn't take very long before you get queues and then you would get camera crews.

"Once something looks like a crisis it becomes a crisis.

Indeed.... and of course its all Erics fault!


Anonymous said...

consider the sourse

aka John Quincy Adams (Founder of this blog) said...

Should the banks be surprised that the public, whom they have acted abusively toward for decades, has finally had enough? If they don't want to suffer this and other mass withdrawals perhaps they ought to strongly consider changing the way they conduct business - including the outrageous bonuses they pay their executives. The public is fed up with the thievery conducted by financial businesses. Change, or risk being brought down. It's that simple.