Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'bad idea'

Global 'Bank Mutiny Day' a bad idea, warns UK Banking Association

If enough people act on Catona's urging, said a spokesperson for the BBA, "... a mass run on the banks could cause a financial catastrophe."

The idea is spreading rapidly into North America, with people publicizing Stop Banks on blogs and Facebook, urging contemporaries to sign on for the day.


Anonymous said...

This is just stupid. Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish bank will be supported by the European Central Bank via the Central Bank of Ireland (Ministry of Finance).
No dwpositor lost money in Northern Rock - which was taken over the UK Government. No one lost money at Royal Bank of Scotland. No one will lose their money in the Irish Banks, or Spanish Banks.

Julian said...

Sure destroying the banking system may not be what most people want but maybe we could rebalance it? Here is a good idea