Sunday, 22 February 2009

Emerald Alert

Scandal sees €10bn flood out of country

Up to €10 billion in funds is believed to have left Ireland in the last seven days as details of the Anglo Irish Bank scandal emerged.

Labour's Finance spokesperson Joan Burton said yesterday that the events at Anglo and its impact on Ireland's banking reputation is bleeding the country of cash.

Ireland in the face of default?

Last week ireland's five-year credit default swaps rose to a record 377 basis points.

Will ireland go the same way as iceland?


Anonymous said...

Ireland is not like Iceland. At this current time, the world is going through difficulties and Ireland is no different to any other country.
Unlike Iceland however...
1. Ireland uses the Euro so is
part of the Eurozone area.
2. Ireland has a low national debt
currently so even when this
debt now rises, it is starting
from a very low base.
3. Additionally Ireland has
a "rainy day" pot of cash in
the form of the Pension Reserve

Anonymous said...

My brother had a good one a month ago.....the only difference between Iceland and Ireland is one letter- and 6 months!!