Monday, 9 February 2009

Bank Users Strike

This looks like an interesting response to the global bank crisis:

The campaign for the bank users strike begins


We won't use the valuable space of this pamphlet to explain the damage banks and their governing accomplices make to us; if you are here now it's because you already know it. ¡Let's go to the point! These mobilizations on 15N are one first step, but we need to go further beyond. We all know that demonstrations are not enough to change the state of things, we need more sharp and forceful actions. Now is the time to move into action! That's why we are preparing a banks users strike.

What will we do?

It will be an indefinite strike which will not end until the worker's debt become canceled just the same as they have canceled Wall Street speculator's loss. It won't finish until the current international financial system is abolished and a new one is created, a new one directed by fair rules, which mean to cover the people needs and not those from speculators.If hundreds of thousands of people all around the world arrange to stop paying our debts, and if we support each other, they will not stop us. If there are a lot more participating in this call by withdrawing the money from the banks, we will stop this system which is enslaving us.Which meaning could have a delinquencies list if everybody was registered in it? Which strength will their seizes represent if they are affecting millions of people? What will they speculate with if we take out all the money from banks? Take part in this indefinite strike! Withdraw all your money from the bank, let's stop them speculating with our savings! Do not pay your mortgage and stay living in your home, do not pay back any personal credits, let this crisis be paid by the richest!

Watch this one grow and grow!

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