Friday, 9 October 2009

No running please!

DSB Bank website down, hackers or a run? - oct 1

Clients of independent bank DSB were unable to transfer their money electronically on Thursday, leading the company to blame a concerted attack by hackers.
But the Telegraaf claims the site crashed because too many customers were trying to shift their money following a tv programme.

DSB Bank website still down (new) - oct 2

Clients of DSB Bank continued to have difficulty in accessing their accounts online on Friday report various media.
The bank is still officially blaming hackers for the problems but a bank employee told ANP press service on Friday morning that the website had crashed because too many clients were trying to move their money, reports the NRC.

Central bank wants probe into DSB run call - oct 5

The Dutch central bank is in favour of an investigation to establish whether Pieter Lakeman, head of a lobby group representing disgruntled customers of DSB Bank, could be held legally responsible for calling on savers to withdraw their money from the bank in order to force it into bankruptcy.
Last week customers removed around €60m from the bank following a call by Lakeman to force the bank into bankruptcy.

Sounds like the dutch are getting a bit jittery..... come on now.... you know your moneys safe.


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