Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tip n Run UPDATE2

Seems like Fortis has allready 'gone':

EU, Belgian officials press to keep Fortis open

Phones at the bank and insurer went unanswered Sunday. Fortis has dual headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and Utrecht, Netherlands.

And in the same article this is what it had to say about private bank accounts:

Marianne Thyssen, leader of Belgium's Christian Democrats — one of the partners in a shaky governing coalition — said offering deposit guarantees was necessary to restore faith in Fortis.
She told VRT television Sunday that "the current government stands behind, we guarantee that savings accounts are insured for 100 percent." Yet under Dutch and Belgian law, only the first €20,000 (US$29,000) in bank accounts are insured.

Sounds alot like they are trying to calm the masses!

PS Just heard that Fortis is Belgium's largest private sector employer and that approximately half of households bank with them. Sounds big.